About Safe N Sound

Safe N Sound is the first defense device location in the triad area of North Carolina to focus exclusively on female safety. Located in Winston Salem North Carolina inside the Hanes Mall, we strive to offer discreet protective products to increase the comfortability of women in everyday situations. Our inexpensive items are lifestyle compatible, subtle defense units that offer invaluable security.
“I was astonished that there weren’t any retail locations like this,” begins owner Syvella Coomer, “the timing is right. We should be able to discuss female safety, in person, with someone who understands these concerns. So I became that person.”


istun cell phone stun gun winston salem nc
Safe N Sound keeps a variety of products at their Winston Salem Location


At Safe N Sound we understand the sensitive subject of violence against women. The statistics are absolutely staggering (1 in 6 women are victims of sexual attacks or attempted attacks). Our aim is to restore a sense of general security to women, through affordable items, that seamlessly integrate into your normal routine. Our products are purse and pocket accessible, hidden in plain sight and focus on alarm alerts and defense.


Ranging from personal alarms to completely hidden stun guns, we focus on both prevention and action-readiness. From active hobbies to routine endeavors, our products are designed to encourage safety in situations of all types.


Safe N Sound offers a positive customer interaction with a focus on restoring a secure feeling in your normal activities and in general. Our representatives understand your experiences and appreciate the comfort that comes with owning our defense items. We strive to create an always ready, informative retail experience guided by knowledgeable representatives.


We are Safe N Sound.


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