The Go Guarded: Defend Yourself and Stop Surprise Attackers

The Go-Guarded, a serrated blade ring that fits over your finger, is a relatively new defense item that aims to provide runners with a safer experience on their daily jog. But the Go-Guarded is much more than a single use item. 

Let’s talk about some general life situations where the Go-Guarded may come in handy... but first, let’s discover the Go-Guarded.

The Go-Guarded is an elevated and serrated, durable plastic blade that fits above and along your finger. It’s design allows for comfortable wearing and comes with ring adjustment pieces that further place the instrument into a fitted position.

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A flexible cover sits over the blade hiding the blade from public view and comes in an assortment colors. It’s strong blade comes with nearly indestructible ridges that are capable of tearing through strong clothes and walls with little pressure. 

With it face forward design, the ring is capable of making contact regardless of where you are grabbed on your person. While pepper sprays and stun guns make perfect choices to stop oncoming attacks, the Go-Guarded is built to defend yourself from surprise aggressors. 

Here is some places to consider taking your go - guarded:

Gas Stations:

With over 32,000 gas station robberies annually, convenient stores are far more likely to invite robberies than other locations. 

Consider:  Putting on the Go-Guarded before going inside the store or while pumping gas 

Campus :

1 and 3 women will experience a sexually motivated violence attempt while attending college. While most campuses have a zero tolerance policy of weapons while on their premises, the Go-Guarded (with its plastic materials and slick covering) doesn’t fit the traditional guideline for protection devices. 

go guarded campus college school female women self defense devices

Parking Lots:

It’s no secret that parking lots host the majority of unprompted attacks. These instances usually include grabbing someone from behind, as the attacker is primed and watching you from a distance. The Go-Guarded is designed to protect you from the wrists due to its downward blade pattern 

Grocery Stores:

In what would seem like an otherwise harmless environment, the grocery store is the top listed location where women report being followed. The Go-Guarded is portable enough to protect you in regular activities without hindering your ability to function. 


Finally, yes the Go-Guarded has it right when they market to their primary audience. For most joggers, the less items to bring on your journey; the better. It’s with this thought in mind that the Go-Guarded works perfectly as an easy to use, easier to carry defense device. 

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Runners love the Go-Guarded for the sense of security that it adds when running through a park while blasting music inside the space of your mind, but that is far from this product’s only purpose. Whether your familiar with the statistics or not, women are familiar with the realities of feeling alienated by normal activities. The Go-Guarded is one of many items that minimize threats in specific situations. Mainly, this product tilts the likelihood of lasting violence when someone grabs you unsuspectingly. To that end, the Go-Guarded is a a must have for women looking to defend themselves from the unknown, everywhere.   

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