Our Fox 8 Journey: Gaining Positive Experiences From Negative Situations.

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When Fox 8 News agreed to air a segment on our female defense company, we were excited to share stories and concepts. An unintentional consequence of the story, however, was the very real emotions that come with providing a defense items venue to women that have endured actual danger. While it’s easy to let the emotions dampen you or even scare you, it’s not always rooted in sadness. Sometimes the worst stories bring people together in positive ways.

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Starla Osborne endured an attack in a parking lot of a Winston Salem store that resulted in physical injuries and a car theft. Her story was covered heavily in news pieces all throughout our home-base town of Winston Salem.

Starla’s attack lasted for over seven minutes. Consider that. Think about the locking of your every joint and the tightening of your muscles as your life hangs in uncertainty for over seven minutes. It’s an absurd length of time to be faced with a person’s worst fear.

Starla’s attack started in a way that’s gruesomely familiar to women everywhere... with a gut feeling. As she exited the store and made her way through the parking lot, she could feel something unnerving about the man that would attack her ... even before any physicality began.

Starla’s story should shock us. It should be so rare that we collectively pause and discuss preventative measures. Her story should be rare enough to make us upset, heroic and prepared to do more.

But Starla’s story isn’t rare... and the fear that she felt in that parking lot is a way of life for most women everywhere.

When the Safe N Sound segment ran on Fox 8 News, we were surprised to see that Starla’s story was included at the beginning of the piece. Sadly, it perfectly illustrated the idea of Safe N Sound. In the footage, Starla recalled the fear she felt before ever being attacked and the helplessness of being in that situation.

dark parking lot scared female defense devices womenAt least once a day, the average woman is in a scenario where the possibility of danger flashes through their minds. It’s a domestic terror that lives in the normality of your neighborhood grocery store. Or at the park where you jog. We may not all have had a similar life threatening experience (although it’s more of us than seems reasonable) but we ALL relate to the fear.

Starla’s experience happened mere months before the opening of Safe N Sound’s retail location. To segment producers, it made complete sense to show the need for female defense products by including a story that had transpired recently (and rightfully so).

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones surprised by the inclusion of Starla’s story in our news segment.

It was a little before closing time when Starla approached me to introduce herself.

“I just had to meet you,” she started, “as soon as I saw it, I told my husband, ‘you have to take me down there.”

Starla is finishing up physical therapy from the attack. Her car is totaled and she recently lost her job as a result of being physically harmed and unable to get there. But her spirits were high and she was amazing to meet.

We cried as we shared stories and we smiled as we talked about the empowerment that comes with just feeling safer. We talked about what forgetting to feel scared could be.

When you sell female defense items, you’re going to hear some painful stories. At Safe N Sound, we’re prepared to listen but we’re also going to have a positive conversation with you. We’re going to focus on the freedom that results in forgetting to be in fear. We’re going to understand and help you prepare. Not just prepare for some inevitably bad event, but rather the feeling of being safer and more in control.

We know that every circumstance isn’t going to be under your control, but that’s not a reason to not live a little braver. Starla isn’t going to stop living, even after having been inside the grip of a worst case scenario... but she is going to be wearing a Safe N Sound serrated blade.






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