Safe N Sound -The female defense device store- to open in Hanes Mall



Female Defense Items Sold Locally

        Safe N Sound, a new retail location starting in Winston Salem North Carolina, is bringing female defense items to Hanes Mall. Founded by Syvella Coomer, the company will feature low cost personal safety devices that are easily incorporated into women’s everyday lives. Safe N Sound will launch with four primary protective products (in various varieties) and update their inventory regularly. 


Products include stun guns masking as iPhones, pepper sprays disguised as lipstick, serrated edges that fit as rings and a personal alarm that attaches to handbags and keychains.

Sales representatives will work daily to facilitate purchases and to field questions.  

   “Our approach is to talk about a more secure way of living, not to discuss our fears,” says Coomer. For the average woman, there’s no need to explain the need for defense weapons. According to, 35% of women experience physical violence or sexually motivated violence in their lifetime (51% of American women as of 2014) and seven out of ten assaults on women are caused by an intimate partner. 1 in 5 women are raped in their lifetime (CDC figures) and 7.5 million people are stalked each year according to (2018). 

  “Women relate to the unease of parking our cars at night or being alone at the grocery store,“ begins Coomer, “We (Safe N Sound) don’t have to explain why these products might come into play. Hopefully they won’t. It’s just nice to feel safer. It’s nice to stop feeling helpless when you’re just trying to get to your car after work. That’s the tonality of our company.

  Safe N Sound is a new venture with its sights set on major expansion. Similar companies in the “female defense” market have focused their efforts on multi level marketing and web presence. In some instances, these companies rely on one hour parties and the signing up of family members to spread the information about similar products. 

  “These ideas aren’t new because female related violence has always been a major epidemic,” Syvella reminds us, “what makes Safe N Sound unique is our retail approach. We’re here to discuss these products. You can send interested parties to our location. We can discuss what you’d like to see in the future and we employee people on a full time basis.

  Safe N Sound will open on Monday August 26th at the Hanes Mall, located at the food court entrance on the lower level. Their normal hours will be 10am to 9pm and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.

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